Tuesday, June 26, 2012


This book was written by sankara narayanan actor,writter,dialogue writter,distributor & short film director.
In tamil websites he was the king called  cable sankar .Now let us come to review  of the book.

 Book consists of 15 interesting topics. As a reader i reviews,from statring page  itself book created interest to read further pages.The distributor role was not totally known for the cinema fans ,visible only for the cinema peoples.
The writer tolally discussed all the roles of distributor in the cinema.

Book totally  discuss about the cinema business of kollywood ,bollywood & hollywood.
And clearly says about the unexpected hits like sethu, kadhal kottai  etc,explains also the unexpected flops.
The super six of hollywood (warner,20th century,disney ,etc)business rules and their making and how they marketing the films was  said superbly. 

 Finally the book touches lot of behind screen  business style.And deals of distributor vs producer and distributor vs theatre owners.
Hatsoff to cable sankar because he says the detailed business in easy way like my review.
Another important thing books tells that film gaining  business in TV ,Online,etc after  thearterical release.

I received this book from the writer sankar narayanan with his autograph,in chennai youth blogspot meet,at discovery book palace.